Omotenashi Customer Service course


Omotenashi Customer Service course

For Buyer

Tea ceremony goods

Japanese sweets in a box. flowers in a box. The box is a casual Japanese lacker ware.

For buyers

It could be a long way to reach what you want in Japan. So, why don’t you ask us as an attendant who can help you to buy the hi-end products? We have enough experience to work in the tourism industry and translating in Trading shows. You may need more details before coming to Japan, please contact us through the email.
The price is ¥30,000 per day (10:00-18:00)
※transportation fee (in TOKYO 23 ward including)
We are requiring transportation fee for further places.

As we are experts guide in Japan, we are providing enough information about tourism, too.
If you need further information, could you please email us.


Implementing Omotenashi Customer Service into your staff training

Non-Japanse manager
If you want to know the secret of the Japanese customer service Omotenashi way. We had several experiences which we taught the non-Japanse staff who wanted to know the secret of Japanese hospitality. I had worked in the government foreigner’s training center in order to teach them how to be accustomed to working in their Japanese companies.

#1. This manual is an English version for the Japanese shop staff who are welcoming non-Japanese customers. I think you don’t need to understand our situation in English. But, is this good material for the people who wants to know the Japanese Omotenashi in a certain way?

#2  I rewrote Japanese business etiquette text for the new graduates from University in English…It is the normal training for newcomers to take this business etiquette class beforehand in April. Their company requires it. After taking this class, Japanese newcomers act like a real business person.

We can talk it across about these textbooks. And we are providing some role plays and activities.

In addition, if you would like to understand the cultural background of these business etiquettes. We will have another class for understanding out cultural differences. including some excursions to the special shops and museums.

For example   -Bushi-do

Lunch & Drinking Matcha experience

Tea ceremony

1-day cause requires ¥50,000.


Objective )To know the Omotenashi secret from Japanese business customer service trainer.
if there are resources you could point out, regarding Collectively/Widely agreed upon the repository of Skills,
Attitudes, Ethics, and Codes of Practice…
that is important to work towards as Professional Development within this Japanese Omotenashi field.
Though non-Japanese is no obligation to follow the Japanese customs, you could take some essence from these classes,
and adjust this Japanese Omotenashi into your country’s customer service site or your office. Some will work, and others can’t work…
Good luck!



#Omotenashi #customerservice #Japanese #cardgame

Trainer's training style with visiting real shops and restaurants

#Omotenashi #customerservice #Japanese #cardgame

Trainer's training style with visiting real shops and restaurants