Thank you for having our Omotenashi seminar


Thank you for having our Omotenashi seminar

Her dream is spreading the Japanese Omotenashi culture to her country's shops and restaurants.

The objective of this training;

Why do we need to learn business manners?

Agenda(Confirm the time schedule)


Roles; Trainer form outside training company



Rules; Be vibrant.

       Speak your opinion (When the trainer asks to you,)

       Follow the rules

       Don’t forget the humor

Team work・・・Japanese people prefer to work in groups. They recognize what their roles are as a member of a group and help each other to deliver results.

We can provide whatever your request is. This time, I will show the 衣 (Kimono Cloth) 食(Japanese Dining)住(Japanese housing maintenance) Especially, Kimono… it is a difficult one. You can’t wear by yourself. We offer westernized outfits. And the stylist who is the 1st rate in the fashion industry. She might offer you Yoji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, and so on.

And maintaining the Japanese old housing has a special skill.  The shop is called 表具屋 Hyogu-ya. Actually, the wall was made of earth. But they put glue which is made of fish guts on the wall. Nextly they put the kire which is so beautiful with gold and silver sleds.

Activities are included serving tea. And I had joined several countries’ business etiquette classes. So, I could tell the difference between the Japanese and others.

One hour was focusing to talk across to train the customer section people. We have the Japanese way 1 on 1 training in between Senpai and Kohai. The older staff was taking care of a newcomer. MBO is the system for the evaluating staff.


I could enjoy Japanese Omotenashi customer service 1-day course. I was wondering why the Japanese restaurant staff are so polite every time,
After coming back to our country, I will implement some systems which the Japanese do.

#omotenashi #businessetiquette #Japanese #Customerservice





#omotenashi #businessetiquette #Japanese #Customerservice

Tea set is different...

#omotenashi #businessetiquette #Japanese #Customerservice

Japanese business etiquette is included serving tea...

#omotenashi #businessetiquette #Japanese #Customerservice

A lot of activities are in this class.