Kochi prefecture is opening Sakamoto Ryoma museum.

Kochi prefecture is opening Sakamoto Ryoma museum.









Please Know about Kochi, especially Sakamoto Ryoma…

His birthday was 15th Nov 1835. He passed away the same day in 1867.


Sakamoto Ryoma was born in Kami-machi, in Kochi. Not known about his childhood days, but it is said that he took up fencing around age of 14. In order to improve his skill, he left for Edo to study.

When Ryoma arrived at Edo, Commodore Perry came to Japan and pressed the Edo Bakufu (Samurai political power in time). The very next time Japan has to open the country. For Japan this was not beneficial move, and it did a lot of damage to the country’s economics.

One opinion is spread. Instead of Bakufu, Emperor is taking place again. Let’s drive out the foreigners.He was following this opinion. He disassociated himself from the Tosa.(kochi)

After this Ryoma met with Shogunate retrainer Katsu Kishu in Edo, Katsu held progressive view that Japan should learn from foreign countries. Ryoma became his disciple and joined nabal school established by Katsu.

After closing the school he was living in Satsuma domain.(present day Kagoshima prefecture)

At that time, the idea was born for the Satsuma and Choshu domain to form a coalition and take action against the Bakufu. There were paticular people involved. Ryoma was one of the key person. Whilst cooperation with many others Satcho alliance in 1866. This would become the foundation of Meiji government.