Don’t eat white fungus! 白カビを食べないでください

Don’t eat white fungus! 白カビを食べないでください



Some Japananese are very keen on cheese. Mrs. Hisada is also a very unique Japanese who has the title Maitre-Fromager.

And I had a chance to attend her seminar in Tokyo.

Mrs. Hisada and her daughter are living in Paris, due to run thier cheese shop in Paris.

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I have a question… about how bulgar we Japanese who eat every fungus which cover any cheese. Because I once met a man who claimed that my eating habit of white fungus is very rude. As a etiquett manner trainer, this is the important subject.

Still, eating of Camembert is OK. But, the Japanese are confused with white fungus and Koji. Don’t eat brownish fungus. Especially hard types fungus are not clean….That’s Madam Hisada said.